Visa Office Hours

The Visa Office is open to the public according to the general office hour (Home Page). Additional dates for visa application processing may be added in peak times. All applications must be submitted in person the day of the appointment, and application package must be complete to be signed. Students will be  received based on a first come first served basis on these days. Visa application must be presented within 90 days from date of classes start. In order to complete the application for the student visa, students must bring the complete paperwork as listed on the General Consulate of Italy website, under the student visa section.


How to schedule an appointment

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Study Visa Application Package


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Students must also bring a pre-self addressed return express priority envelope with appropriate stamp to send with the application in addition to the envelope used to mail the paperwork to the Chicago Consulate General. It is the student's responsibility to mail the paperwork to the Chicago Consulate General.

Study Visa Application Package

(under 18 years of age)